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Borneo Heritage : Retailer for a large collection of Sabah handicrafts


If the customer receives any goods/handicraft in a damaged or defective condition OR the wrong type of goods/handicraft was accidentally delivered to the customer, they are to inform BorneoHeritage within 3 days of recieving the handicraft. The customer can contact BorneoHeritage by email at and we will do our best to correct the problem once we get back the returned goods. Specify what the problem is in your email and do fill out the return form which is found inside the container.

Please remember that the goods/handicraft must be returned to BorneoHeritage in their original box together with the 'Return Form' which has the customer's order reference number. Without the paperwork we will not proceed with the matter. The whole package which includes the box, paperwork and handicraft must then be sealed properly, returned by mail and reach BorneoHeritage within 30 days of you recieving the goods. This is normally possible through registered air mail or a reliable courier service. Any returned package lost in the mail is not BorneoHeritage's responsibility but the delivery service that you have used.

Once we receive the returned goods/handicraft, we will then replace the goods that you have returned with a similar item. As mentioned earlier about our products, no two handicrafts are exactly the same because they are all handmade. Please be informed that, shipping and delivery costs are not refunable if the goods were damaged by the delivery service in the first place. Shipping and delivery cost will only be refunded if BorneoHeritage sent the wrong item to the customer. In this case your original order form will be refered to.

Copyright 2004 Borneo Heritage.